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Rules of conduct


(Quality Manual version 1, Appendix B)

  1.  The basic principle governing the operation of the clinical laboratory Diagnosis Laboratory Center is the good health of the patients. Although there is a commercial connection service between laboratory and patient, the lab gives priority to the benefit of patients.
  2.  The laboratory treats all patients fairly and equally, without discrimination.
  3.  The laboratory collects sufficient information to identify the patient, which allows the performance of tests and other procedures of the laboratory, but never collects unnecessary personal information.
  4.  Each patient is informed for the purpose of the information collected.
  5.  The laboratory may also collect information on invoicing for financial controls and management of resources and security of staff and other patients in case of transmitted diseases.
  6.  The collection of original sample for conducting the tests carried out in each case with the consent of the patient. Before sampling is patient information for sampling. If specific sampling procedures, where there is a possibility of complications, the lab provides more detailed explanations and, where necessary, ask the informed consent of the patient.
  7.  When sampling laboratory staff takes into account and respects social, cultural or religious differences of patients.
  8.  In exceptional or emergency situations, the initial sample collection may be carried out without the consent of the patient, but always keeping in mind that it is beneficial for the patient. In these cases the laboratory aims to get the informed consent of his / her spouse or relative of the patient First Grade.
  9.  The laboratory takes care to ensure the required discretion and privacy (privacy) both during sampling and the receipt of the samples, and during the process of collecting the necessary information.
  10.  Where tests require providing expert advice, the laboratory shall ensure that the results indicate serious complications can not be communicated directly to patients without the necessary Scientist advice.
  11.  The workshop reject samples are delivered in a condition unsuitable for the requested examination, after informing the patient and / or the responsible physician applicant.
  12.  All laboratory tests carried out in accordance with the appropriate procedures and with the expected for the laboratory and medical profession skill level.
  13.  The workshop categorically rejects any falsification of laboratory results, and any financial transaction performed, doctors or commercial companies.
  14.  The results of the clinical tests corresponding to a specific patient are confidential. The results are communicated to the patient and / or the competent attending physician and may be communicated to third parties only with the consent of the patient or as specified by law.
  15.  The results of the tests without the patient identifying information may be used for epidemiological, demographic and other statistical studies.
  16.  The laboratory is responsible for the proper reporting and proper interpretation of laboratory results.
  17.  The workshop ensures the maintenance of data and medical information so as to avoid loss, unauthorized access and misuse. The shelf life of the lab files is determined by the type of file, the usefulness and importance of contents for the health of patients.
  18.  Access to medical records of a patient is allowed:

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